Foods You Can and Cannot Eat With Braces

There are many foods you can eat with braces, just as there are many foods to avoid with braces. Whether you’re cooking a meal in your Carlisle or Shippensburg home or you’re dining at one of Central PA’s best restaurants, it’s important to understand what foods to avoid. Below are some simple guidelines that will help you avoid breaking your brackets, hurting your teeth, building up plaque and getting cavities.

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Foods You Can Eat With Braces

In general, the foods you can eat while wearing braces or appliances should be softer and shouldn’t stick in between your teeth:

  • Breads, potatoes and pastas – If you’re a carb lover, you’ll be happy to hear that you can keep breads in your diet. The only exceptions are hard breads, such as tough bagels or rolls.
  • Meat without bones – Yes, all the meats you love are fine. Just make sure you cut the meat in small pieces, and avoid eating meat off the bone.
  • Fruits and most soft veggies – Fresh fruit and soft veggies are delicious, and you can use the nutrition. Just cut them up into bite-sized pieces rather than eating them in their natural shape or state. For hard vegetables, boil or cook them first to soften them up.
  • Soups – Now is a great time to start learning about new soups to enjoy due to their soft, thin consistency.
  • Iced treats – Yes, a snow cone or frozen yogurt is perfectly acceptable. As long as you don’t have a Haas appliance, you can eat these yummy foods. In fact, some patients like to eat popsicles after getting their braces adjusted!
  • Candy – Have a sweet tooth? Avoid sticky foods, and choose peanut butter cups, chocolate bars without nuts and other non-sticky options.


Foods You Cannot Eat With Braces

In general, you need to avoid any food that will stick to your teeth and braces, or food that can easily get caught:

  • Sticky candy bars – These are chewy and gooey, but they can bend or break your braces. Avoid any kind of nuts and granola bars.
  • Fruit candy – Avoid fruit roll ups, licorice, gummy bears and other sticky candy when you have braces.
  • Chewing gum – Even if it is sugarless bubble gum, you cannot chew it with appliances.
  • Ice – Crunching ice is a definite no-no, because it can cause your brackets to come loose.
  • Hard bagels or sub rolls – These not only get stuck in your teeth, but they can loosen your appliances.
  • Corn on the cob and hard veggies – Stay away from corn straight from the cob, and don’t eat raw hard veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. Instead, cook all vegetables and eat only the corn kernels after they have been removed from the cob.

If you stick with a good food plan while you have braces, you’re sure to stay on track for beautiful, healthy teeth!

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