Your First Day of Braces

If you have never had braces before, you’re probably wondering what you can expect on your first day with braces. Our Carlisle and Shippensburg area patients often ask questions about what to expect on their first day. We’ve compiled the following information to give you an idea of what usually occurs after having an appliance put in place.

Do Braces Hurt the First Day After Placement by Cantor & Team Orthodontics?

You can usually expect some soreness for up to 48 hours after having your braces placed on your teeth. Some people take over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen to lessen the sensation. Most individuals report that the soreness feels more like their teeth are being slightly pushed. It should not be incredibly painful, and it will go away soon.


What About Eating With Braces on the First Day?

We usually suggest avoiding anything that will make your teeth work too hard. Stick with macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, applesauce, soups and other soft foods. This will alleviate any stress on your teeth that might increase the feeling of pressure.

Also make sure you avoid anything sticky or chewy. If you’re concerned that the food could be harmful to your teeth and gums, or could get stuck in your brackets, don’t eat the item.

How Do I Take Care of My New Appliances?

After eating, you’ll want to floss and brush according to the guidelines you have been given by your dentist and hygienist. Take your time — brushing with braces is different than brushing without any appliances. Be very methodical and clean one bracket and tooth at a time. If your toothbrush has a worn-down end, replace it. You can also use your regular toothpaste and mouthwash.

What Else Should I Know on My First Day of Braces?

When you first have braces, be prepared for a few other things:

  • You may find it harder to speak with proper diction. This will go away.
  • Some people report that their braces rub against the inside of their cheeks and lips. This is because your mouth is not accustomed to the appliances, and once again, it will go away in time.
  • You should resist the temptation to rub your tongue over your brackets or wires. Your tongue is sensitive and could be cut.


The good news is that you’ll get used to your braces very soon! Just be patient – every change takes a few days.


Image credit: Monica Y Garza

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