Metal Braces

Types of Braces: Metal & Clear Options for Carlisle, PA Residents

If your general dentist or orthodontist says you need metal braces, you’ll be happy to know you have a lot of options. At Cantor & Team Orthodontics in Carlisle, PA, we’ll work closely with you to ensure you get the best treatment option that will give you the most beautiful smile possible. Here is some information on some of the most popular choices.

Traditional/Self-Ligating Braces

Metal/ Self Ligating braces are the most commonly used and requested option. And thanks to technological advances, they’re more comfortable than they’ve ever been. They are made of top-quality stainless steel and use components such as archwires and metal brackets to straighten your teeth and make them more attractive than you might have ever thought was possible.  Self-ligating braces use a special type of clip that helps the archwire ensure your teeth are correctly guided into place.  This means you’ll not only experience less friction on your teeth, but you also won’t have to see the dentist as often to have them adjusted.

Clear Aligners

These are clear braces that are usually best for adults or teenagers. They are much less noticeable than metal braces, but they also require more care because they tend to be more brittle than metal, as well as larger. In most cases, your orthodontist will recommend learning more about Invisalign®.

Choosing the Best Braces Option

The professionals with Cantor & Team Orthodontics will take the time to carefully explain all of your options to make sure you are confident in your choice of braces. Whether you want metal braces, clear aligners, or something else, we’ll be happy to work to help you make the best decision. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 717-243-8432 or contacting us online.